TGS Jewelers is revolutionizing the industry.  

With the use of machine manufacturing we are able to offer something once thought impossible – the creation of a perfect ring, shipped to our retail customers in just 24 hours!

TGS Jewelers was founded with the vision of creating precision-perfect diamond wedding bands using the most advanced technology in the industry. Helmed by Jeffrey Persily, who began his career as co-owner of A.L.A. Casting & Alarama Jewelry, two of the largest jewelry manufacturing companies in the nation. TGS Jewelers is the most innovative manufacturer and creative designer of machine manufactured diamond wedding bands.

ManufacturingUnlike traditional casting methods, machine manufacturing enables TGS Jewelers to deliver a superior product with precision up to 1/1000 of a millimeter, as well as a harder and more durable ring that is virtually porosity free. This highly advanced technology uses the measurements of each individual diamond to create an eternity ring that has perfect spacing between stones with an accuracy not ever seen before. All of the milling in the ring is done with a diamond blade that creates a surface for each stone that is brilliant and smooth every time.  

The end result of this process is a perfectly stunning and beautiful diamond wedding band that retailers can deliver to their customers in days, rather than weeks, with quality that surpasses all expectations.  

All of our retailers are also granted access to our innovative and user-friendly new website, where they can upload and showcase their own logo. With prices listed in triple keystone, retailers may browse our collection right alongside their customers.  For more information feel free to give us a call at 347-832-0123 or email us at  To sign up for an account Click Here